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Call Extended Family | Oregon City Family Photographer

Almost a year ago, I got to do Benjamin’s newborn session for my friend, Wendy. In December, Wendy contacted me to find out if she could gift an extended family session to her in-laws for Christmas. Of course, I said yes! We decided to schedule the session for sometime in the Spring so we could have some beautiful green backgrounds and less rain. 🙂


Extended family shoots are always a little crazy (because there are so many people!), but I love doing them. I get a chance to capture not just the individual families, but also the grandkids and the grandparents.


And just the grandkids.


And just the grandparents.


And evvvvvvverybody all together!


All of the adults did a great job of keeping the kids entertained and moving while we were taking the photos and a special shout-out to Michelle who watched all of the little kids while I captured these great photos of the Original Calls. 🙂


If you have an important anniversary coming up or you just want to get a fun gift for your parents, consider gifting them an extended family session!

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Schiedler Cousins | Oregon Family Photography

Merry Christmas! I know, you might be the kind of person who thinks Christmas is over on December 26th, and, if you are, I’m a little sad for you. 🙂 At my house we celebrate Christmas until January, so I’m still in the heart of the season. Hooray!

I’m interrupting my usual order of posts because I HAVE to share the photos of these adorable cousins! It’s a tradition in Kelly’s husband’s family to have a picture of all of the cousins taken at Christmas when everyone is in town. I loved Kelly’s family session (you can see it here) and her kids are amazing, so I knew the whole crew would be just as much fun.



I wasn’t disappointed! All of the kids were in great moods, and all of the parents had positive attitudes, realistic expectations of their kids’ behavior, AND treats! 🙂


So, Merry Christmas from me to all of you! Happiest of new years to you and yours and I’ll see you in 2017!