Baby C | Portland, OR Newborn Photographer

This little man is the son of a sister of a friend. πŸ™‚ Baby C is such a cutie (as you can clearly see). His family is so in love with him, including his big sister.


One of the fun things about family photos when you have a newborn is watching the older child(ren) interact with the new baby. As an oldest child, I’m a little jealous of youngest children — there’s so much love there for a new baby!


And, seriously, how cute is he?


Bell Family and Maddy Turns ONE! | Portland, OR Family and Child Photography

This little girl was my very first client and now she’s just turned ONE! Eeek!

Here’s Maddy when she was a newborn:

MB 20

And here she is now:


I mean, how adorable is she?! Answer: Super Adorable.


I mean, can you even remember the last time you were THAT happy? πŸ˜€

And because we can’t let her have ALL the spotlight, we took a few pictures of her mom and dad too.


And the whole family together.


This park is the same place where Emily and Taylor (Maddy’s parents) had their wedding photos taken. There’s a photo in their living room of the two of them and this tree, so we recreated the moment. πŸ™‚


And, because I can’t resist some Mom/Baby, Dad/Baby pictures, here are a few more:


A beautiful, wonderful family and a truly adorable ONE-year-old!

Renton Family | Portland, OR Family Photography

When Jocelyn contacted me about taking photos of her family, I was SO excited to find out her little man, Davis, had just turned ONE! That first year has so many milestones — smiling, eating, crawling, and (for some) walking! Davis was just learning how to take a few steps and could get around pretty well holding on to mom or dad’s hand (sometimes both).


Can’t you tell how proud he is of himself? πŸ˜€


Davis loved to snuggle and get close to his mom, but he was totally happy being silly with his dad, Zack.


That stick ended up in his mouth .23 seconds after this photo was taken. πŸ™‚


Happy First Birthday, Davis! πŸ™‚ Best wishes to you and your sweet family in the coming year!


Baby Tristan | Portland Newborn Photography

I can’t even believe the tiny little squidge you see here is almost two months old now! I took these photos in November when he was just home from the hospital.



Also, Tristan’s older brotherΒ was the most wonderfully behaved big brother ever! He did such a good job of gently holding the new baby and was so happy to sit and coo and smile at him. They make the most adorable pair!


I love capturing these sweet moments between a baby and its parents, but I think I like it most when it’s the second or third baby. The first baby gets ALL the pictures (trust me, I’m the oldest, I know), so I make sure to get pictures of the baby and their parents together. In the name of fairness. πŸ™‚


This last photo is one Tristan’s mom took with his older brother. What a cute idea!


Baby Roslyn | Newborn Photography

You might remember about a month ago, I posted maternity photos of this pregnant mom and her family. Well, Baby Roslyn is here! She is one of the most adorable babies and is super snuggly and sweet and all of the good things every baby is.




How beautiful is this little girl?! Those cheeks! Those rolls! The way she’s perfectly content in her father’s arms! And her mom is so beautiful and her brother loves her so much. Welcome to the world, Roslyn!

I met a cute redhead…

Oh my gosh, the cuteness! There are a lot of reasons that I love taking pictures of newborns (they are usually pretty quiet, they stay where you put them, etc.), but the top reason has to be that every baby is so, so beautiful. Baby Bay is no exception.


This stare!


Bay’s older sister, Maren, was so fun to play with while we were waiting on her brother.


I *might* have taught her how to launch her monkey through the air. Might. πŸ™‚


When we were taking these pictures, she kept saying,”I’m holding him! I’m holding Bay!” The proudest two-year-old sister around. πŸ™‚

Because second children need photos of just them and mom and dad too!


A new family of four!


Also, total bonus because I can’t stop myself… WIN! πŸ™‚