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Joy Family | Portland, OR Family Photography

One thing I think is hard for most parents, but moms especially, is getting in the picture with our kids. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: get in the photo!


When Meaghn contacted me about a family session, she thought it would be fun to do one in their home, and with the weather being what it is here in January, I totally agreed! She also said she very much wanted pictures of her and her husband playing with the kids. Wonderful!


Their kids were so fun and the boys, Liam and Mikey were SO excited to see me and eager to play… and jump on their parents’ bed. 🙂


Their littlest, Edie, was just starting to figure out that she wanted to crawl and it was fun to watch her try and stretch her body juuuuuust as far as it would go. (And see? Meaghn gets to be in the picture!)


Before our session, Meaghn told me she saw a photo of a couple drinking coffee in their kitchen that she wanted to try and replicate. As we were taking the photos, she and Ryan told me the story of how they happened to meet by chance in a coffee shop and watching them relive that day (before three kids!) in their minds and seeing the expressions on their faces was about the sweetest thing.


In conclusion? One of the cutest families with the spunkiest of children. 🙂 Thank you, Joy Family, for letting me document this time in your lives!


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