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Camden six-month photos | Oregon Children Photography

I took Fresh 48 and Newborn photos of Camden, and I can’t believe he’s this big already! We had to reschedule his session a few times (darn colds and teething!), but he was still six months old when we took these, so it all worked out. 🙂


(This kid has some STRONG legs!)

One of the challenging things about photographing this age, I think, is how much they really want to be moving everywhere, but they just aren’t as fast as they want to be yet.


But, they are totally smiley, anxious to get into things, and bright-eyed so shoots like this are completely fun. 🙂  Also, if the next picture isn’t the most quintessential older-sister/younger-brother look, I don’t know what is. 😀


One thing I’ll almost always ask moms when I take pictures of their little is whether or not they want a picture with their kiddos. I know as a mom that it’s hard to always be in  the picture because so we’re often we’re the ones taking the pictures. Camden’s mom, Lauren, took me up on my offer and showed me a picture of her and her daughter that she wanted me to try and recreate.


I almost can’t handle the sweetness.

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